The Junkyard

Old work, Unfinished projects Bad cars


4 New skins for Pip's Rangerover, Pluss a new sound I tried to edit if your intrested.
A simple Bolt ace skin of an old run down coupe
GTO Contest winner skin.... from me yup,

Download now KTHANKS
Tierd of being a pimp? then be a rich texan, In this silver cadillac reskin for Otis's Caddy Fat Cat

Recolor, and slightly moded textures to turn the Merc, into a more realistic looking 300SL, in red, one of germanys most beautiful creations

White ok Van\SUV
Well This is a mod.. Of another skin, I did a plain white bronco with no blades or nothing to. kinda make an OK Simpson skin.. Only looked to plain, so I removed the rear side windows, and turned the roof black, added some crap on the rear too.