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Orange Testies
Requested by QTZ

Loose chevrolet design crash test car, every new car needs crashing right? No spikes or blades tho, nothin' like some good ol'fassion blunt force trauma.

Go crashin!

Ventyerage 600

Requested by hazardic

Modeld on a Venturi 600 SLM wich is aparently a french supercar? I wouldent trust the french to make a supercar But heres a 90s french for allaya'

Venon Turbine
Requested by mrroblinx

Based on a Viper, Did I really need to tell you that?
He wanted a viper.. with spikes. blades, more spikes, and a jet turbine engine.. hm, Too over the top for me. Mabye itll fit in C1, the side blades put me off, But here it is to download!
Requested by drunkenmastama

Based around a 1974 Dodge Monaco, This turned into just a regular junky killing machine, Bloody and beaten.

Requested by Confused

Based on a Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4, This wagon packs a punch, Leave Hunter in the dust with this turbocharged 4 wheel drive V6 stationwagon from japan.
Requested by FatCat

A car based off diffrent years of Ferrari Testarossa. Driven by electric motors, and gassoline engine, a design that is soposed to look liek a futuristic concept that reflects designs of the past. Also carmageddonised.


A car requested by Deadhart,

Concept designed by Fatcat,

and finally low poly modeld By me in a C1 style.