The Junkyard

Old work, Unfinished projects Bad cars


Blue bikini ped, Mod of the orignal, changed the green bikini to blue, also changed the back from, straps to a tie on... Because I like small details, slight mod in hair too, covers one eye,

Replaces BIK, Green bikini girl.

White shirt guy, This was a test on changing peds and textures with my new pink pallet.. and it worked.. the pants are still black yet not transparent.

Replaces PER, Gray shirt guy.

C1 Secretary, Made this one long before the C2 ped actully.. but its been sitting around my old hard drive for years. never having been uploaded... Now released into the world.

Replaces PRS, Red hooker lady.

Another ped edit, Probly the msot ive edited one, change of hair, clothing color, totaly diffrent look as a result.

Replaces CAM, backpack teen girl.