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Old work, Unfinished projects Bad cars


The first part of my combining C2 cars, Ive done a lot of them but this is the only one I 'Finished' the others were mearly made just for the fun of it.

However this works, and has most C2 fetures, menue image, Working detatchables and smashables.

The skin is also renamed and can work along side both screwie, and orignal prop shafter, the skin is changeable and Wont affect any stock ingame car.

More C2 style stuff, Sat down again decided to make a car that in my mnd 'Would fit in the orignal. Un-modded C2' and this is what I came up with, tried to coppy the style of modling and textures best I Could, But still create something diffrent, this is what happend.

I love this old kinda nostalgic work, it has all the same flaws as the usual orignal C2 cars, The idea being to make it kinda like a 'Lost car' So it works for my nostalga, you new people coming in from CR Might not get it tho :P

Unfinished Hummer model from years ago, Orignally made by TTR, totaly striped, reskined, and rearanged by myself, As I said Unfinished, no smashable windows etc, But  Idid quickly set up some detatchables, and simple model, so its not totaly dull to drive still..

Comes roof On and Off, and a number of skins,
A mod of the Harley further down the page,
Tried to make it less wobbley, Not too much sucess, but it dose seem to wobble around slightly less,

Two modified models with small addons like the saddle bags, and police lights, allso with sevral skins for each.

Uses same sound as orignal Harley Davudson FLD further down the page, Recomended you have that first or else there will be no sound.... Why? Well it saves space, and I figure only people who liked the orignal would like these. So go get that if you have not!


So yeah, heres a badly converted cheetah from san andreas, My favorite vertion of the cheetah,

Comes with colors. Why did I include brown? well This car loves to come in weird shades of brown in san andreas.. They get bored and just start adding random car colors eventully?..

Garry The Pissed Off Tank Engine, And freinds, Now all in one pack, Contains 3 driveable trains as cars, with two custom engine sounds, and Two drones for Beaver Woods,

Orignally a cheap gag I made the Garry model years ago, I only recently uploaded it, I then took it down again, added some better Funks, Groves etc (those are carmageddon code name for moving parts and animated textures by the way). and here it is again, Read instaltion instructions regarding drones and sounds.

Worst mod ever,
Meat Wagon, This time from 2006, This car was built after playing rogue trip, It looks like an old carmageddon model.. Because it is!, Made in a time when I was just beginning. Tho If it were 2006 It would not have a simple model. or menue image... No I actully dident know how to do those back then.

Zapz, Inspired by the shooty lazer thing on oddworld. Made in 2007, Only released now.. Its old model clearing time aparently.

I wanted to see if I could make a flying car, And I could.. and then it sat on my pc.. Finished.. since 2012, All the menue images, simple model, text work.. everything was done.. why dident I upload it last year?.. I dont rember.. but here it is now.. Just a test car really  dont expect grate things.

Has a new engine sound, read readme for instaltion.

This is what happens when I have nobody to talk to on a weekend.

Novelty car, Includes new engine sound, and all the usual stuff, simple model, smashable window. Just dont expect this to be a first place winning car

So the handling can be a little wobbley at times but this is the best I feel I could get it, My frist two wheeled bike for Carma, closest thing I have ever done before was that Payson Trike,

This allso uses the engine from that so if you allready happen to have that, no changes to the sound folder are needed, If you dont, just follow instructions

Comes with: custom sound, Pluss a ton of diffrent trim colors, paint colors, and licence plates, so you can hopefully customise your bike to the colors you would like.

-=* NOTE: Re-Uploaded, Now actully has C2C File! *=-

Hm... aparently I used the wrong text font on the image... Oh well

Lego model made by Cannibal. aparently he likes oversized undervable veichles. .but still made this from lego.. I remade it in carma because i liked its unusual weird shape.

So Go Balcrosta!

An item made in the past, remade in the future and released today?!

P.S.  Did anybody else notice the world dient end?

Shadow Textures riped from PSX Thanks to econobrick for the tools, Scratch made modle, with some detatchables and such.

Vladster, With rear opening schoot for brakes, Suspension not quite right But this was a test car.
Modeld on a 70s matchbox toy.. Allmost thunderbirds style 70s view of the future,

No drive modle but, detatchables, simple model and all, Tractor pull transport truck

Reflective textures test on Hermes, Works along side orignal
Hermes converted from GTA Vice City
Bobcat converted from GTA Vice city, with a PCJ 600 in the back

Read the readme for diffrent colored vertions

Bolt Ace Coupe converted from Mafia

It aint not hotrod but this should really do the trick....

Well ok that was the fourdoor.. But I like this one more.

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